The best way to deal with oily skin in summer

The best way to deal with oily skin in summer

The best way to deal with oily skin in summer

Although summer means amazing beach days, this hot season is not amazing for our skin. All skins are affected by the high level of temperature and humidity. However, having oily skin during summer means more difficult days for your skin.

When the weather is hot and humid, the sebaceous glands beneath the skin’s surface overproduce, leaving your face with an oily and greasy look. And for sure this may lead to acne breakouts. So, here are the best skin care tips you can do to keep the oil under control this summer. Always start and end your day with cleansing.

Dermatologists always recommend using a face wash with salicylic acid to clean your pores effectively, try using the YellowRose Face Wash for Oily Skin for an amazing result. Follow your cleanser with a toner that contains astringent ingredients such as Witch Hazel and Zinc sulfate as they are very important in tightening your pores and removing any excess oil. The lotion is astringent.

What about having a magical tip in your bag these days? Micellar water from YellowRose is a gentle cleanser with micelles that are attracted to dirt and oil drawing out these impurities and leaving the skin fresh and soft.

The next step you should stick to at least twice a week is scrubbing. It is one of the best ways to balance oil production on your skin, boost the skin’s oxygenating ability, increase its capacity for holding moisture, improve tone and texture, and restore its natural healthy glow and radiance. Using a scrub with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid helps to remove any dead skin, dirt, and oils and also unclog your pores. Pro-P-Gel gommage scrub.

The third step is using a mask twice a week. A good face mask can draw impurities, eliminate dead cells, help penetrate the active ingredients, and tighten pores. Always look for products based on kaolin, salicylic acid, clay, and zinc sulfate are the best ingredients for glowy oily skin. You can find different masks according to your skin problem through YellowRose such as Charcoal masks, Eucalyptus masks, Astringent masks, Green clay masks, and Chlorophylle masks.

A moisturizer is a must. We know that you are wondering, aren’t my oils enough for my skin to be hydrated? In fact, not at all, you need a moisturizer to retain the moisture in your skin, so your sebaceous glands won’t produce more oil. Start using an oil-free moisturizer, such as Creme Hydratante Normalisante for fresh, clean, and no greasy feeling skin.

Never skip the sun care cream, it is important to protect your skin from harmful UV lights. But with your oily skin, search for a sweat-resistant and water-resistant product. In addition to a lightweight product so you won’t worry about any streaky white cast. You need a product with all these features the Sun care cream SPF50+.