Lifting Treatment

Based on natural active marine and herbal ingredients, helps to fight slack and tired skin providing immediate "flash-lifting" effect


• Firms and improves skin elasticity.
• Rejuvenates the skin.
• Fight slack and tired skin.

Steps : 

1- Clean the skin the cleansing milk with Papaya and Banana extracts Yellow rose lait demaquillant. Remove possible remaining with the toning and soothing chamomile lotion Yellow Rose Lotion Azulene. Yellow Rose LAIT DEMAQUILLANT Banana fruit extract (Musa sapientium) / Papaya Fruit Extract. Yellow Rose LOTION AZULENE Azulene / Vitamin E / Allantoin.

2- Exfoliate the skin with YELLOW ROSE PEELING SCRUB GEL (No1 or No2). Remove possible scrub remainders with the YELLOW ROSE LOTION AZULENE. Yellow Rose PEELING SCRUB GEL NO1 & NO2 Silica micro-crystals / Chamomile oil / Allantoin / Lactic acid.

3- On clean skin use ¾ of a YELLOW ROSE CELLULAR LIPOSOMES BIO-SERUM REVITALISANT ampoule. Massage the serum until absorbed, with linear upward movements following the muscle lines. YELLOWROSE CELLULAR LIPOSOMES BIO-SERUM REVITALISANT Plant Stem Cells / Antiwrinkle Pentapeptide / Liposomes with Coenzyme Q10 and Carnitine / Liposomes with Vitamin E / Liposomes with Centella Asiatica extract / Hyaluronic acid / Liposomes with Clover Flower’s extract / Special mixture of Polypeptides and Glycopeptides / Glycoprotein from Solanum tuberosum.

4- Continue by applying similarly ¾ of a YELLOW ROSE LIFTING SERUM Ampoule. At this point you can use ultrasound beauty equipment to enhance the absorption of active ingredients. After that, massage the treated areas with the YELLOW ROSE GOLDEN LINE FACE FIRMING CREAM. YELLOWROSE LIFTING SERUM Marine Collagen / Marine Elastin / Extract of the algae Undaria pinnatifida / Silanol with Hydroxyproline (basic aminoacid of collagen) / Silanol with Vitamin C / Centella extract / Rice proteins / Chitin derivatives.

5- Cover the entire treated area (face, neck and/or bust) with the YELLOW ROSE LIFTING MASK. Apply the mask evenly with linear upward movements along the muscle lines avoiding the eye contour area. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. Moisten the mask with wet sponges (soak the sponges into a mixture of YELLOW ROSE LAIT DEMAQUILLANT and water) to become softer and remove it. Yellow Rose LIFTING MASK Bentonite / Albumen / Chitin derivatives / Oat extract (Avena sativa) / Aloe Vera gel / Menthol derivative.

6- Apply the rest (¼) of YELLOW ROSE CELLULAR LIPOSOMES BIO-SERUM REVITALISANT ampoule and YELLOW ROSE LIFTING SERUM ampoule. Finish the treatment with the special firming and revitalizing YELLOW ROSE GOLDEN LINE FACE FIRMING CREAM. Yellow Rose GOLDEN LINE FACE FIRMING CREAM Marine Collagen microspheres (’wrinkle-fillers’ and long-lasting moisturizers) / Silk proteins / Special mixture of antiaging Oligopeptides / 2 types of Hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight) / Kombuchka / Vitamin E / Chitin derivatives / Ceramides / Diacetyl Boldine.

Home Treatment : 

• Yellow Rose Lifting Serum
• Yellow Rose Cellular Liposomes Anti-aging Bio-Drops
• Yellow Rose Golden Line Face Firming Cream