Skin Relaxant Treatment

‘Botox-like’ anti-wrinkle treatment for smooth, bright and revitalized skin. Reduces expression lines, increases the elasticity and stimulates the natural Collagen biosyntesis


• Reduces expression lines
• Increases the elasticity
• Stimulates the natural Collagen biosyntesis

Steps : 

1- Cleanse the face with YELLOW ROSE LAIT DEMAQUILLANT and remove the remainders with YELLOW ROSE LOTION AZULENE (or YELLOW ROSE LOTION TONIQUE). Yellow Rose LAIT DEMAQUILLANT Banana fruit extract (Musa sapientium) / Papaya Fruit Extract. Yellow Rose LOTION AZULENE Azulene / Vitamin E / Allantoin.

2- Apply a small quantity of the exfoliating scrub-gel YELLOW ROSE PEELING SCRUB GEL No1 or Νο2 (choose according to skin type). Leave the scrub-gel on for 2 to 3 min. Massage gently with circular-upward movements. Continue massaging until the scrub is removed by scrubbing. Cleanse the remainders and tone the skin with YELLOW ROSE LOTION AZULENE (or YELLOW ROSE LOTION TONIQUE). It is recommended to use the exfoliating scrub-gel once a week. Alternatively you can use the Yellow Rose Exfoliating Mask with Papaya. Yellow Rose PEELING SCRUB GEL NO1 & NO2 Silica micro-crystals / Chamomile oil / Allantoin / Lactic acid.

3- Apply the YELLOW ROSE SKIN RELAXANT SERUM on the whole face, eye-contour area, neck and décolleté. Massage until absorbed. (Use Ultrasound or Galvanic equipment for better absorption). Continue by gently massaging with the YELLOW ROSE SKIN RELAXANT CREAM. SKIN RELAXANT SERUM Special ‘Botox-like’ Oligopeptide / Special antiaging ‘Retinol-like’ Pentapeptide / Kombuchka / Liposomes with Coenzyme Q10 and Carnitine / Extract from the desert shrub Chaparral / Highly stable Vitamin C derivative / Hyaluronic acid / Liposomes with Milk proteins / Wheat proteins.

4- Cover the areas to be treated with YELLOW ROSE SKIN RELAXANT MASK. For enhanced results additionally use YELLOW ROSE THERMO MASK-SELF WARMING PLASTER MASK (or YELLOW ROSE POWDER PEEL-OFF MASK with ALGIN) over the YELLOW ROSE SKIN RELAXANT MASK. YELLOWROSE SKIN RELAXANT MASK Special ‘Botox-like’ Oligopeptide / Boswellia Serrata extract / Chamomile oil / Stable Vitamin C / Shea Butter / Jojoba oil / Allantoin / Rice proteins / Matricaria maritima extract (natural \"botox-like\" effect). YELLOWROSE THERMO MASK – SELF WARMING PLASTER MASK High purity natural Gypsum.

5- Once the mask is removed you may finish the treatment with SKIN RELAXANT SERUM followed by YELLOW ROSE SKIN RELAXANT CREAM. YELLOWROSE SKIN RELAXANT CREAM Special “Botox-like” Hexapeptide / Special “Retinol like” antiaging Pentapeptide / Phytosterols / Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) / Wheat proteins / Kombuchka / Boswellia Serrata extract / Diacetyl Boldine / Ceramides.

Home Treatment : 

• Yellow Rose Skin Relaxant Cream
• Yellow Rose Skin Relaxant Serum
• Yellow Rose Skin Relaxant Mask