Dark circles under eyes: Causes & Treatments

Dark circles under eyes: Causes & Treatments

Dark circles under eyes: Causes & Treatments

You get several comments about how tired you look? Your dark circles may be the reason behind these unwanted comments. This is a common problem of the eye contour area specially for people with genetic predisposition to this condition and older people.


What are the types of dark circles?

The dark circles differ between people according to its type and each type has specific treatment.

  • Vascular dark circles, it appears as blue to purple colour due to the dilated blood vessels.
  • Pigmented dark circles, it appears as brown colour due to increase in the melanin synthesis.
  • Structural dark circles, it appears as shadow under the eye and this is due to the bone structure.


What are the causes of dark circles?

Too little sleep  is not the only reason behind the dark circles. There are different causes and factors affecting this problem as ageing, genetics, skin type, etc.

  • Eye strain

Staring at the screens as television, computer or mobile may enlarge the blood vessels under your eyes causing your dark circles.

  • Allergies

When you are allergic to something your body releases histamine which dilates the blood vessels and make it more visible beneath the skin.

  • Over exposure to sun

Sun exposure may may cause the body to increase the production of the melanin (pigment that gives the colour to your skin).

  • Fatigue

Sleep deprivation and fatigue may cause your skin to become paler and dull. The blood vessels beneath your skin will start to appear as blue or purple colour.

  • Age

Aging is one of the most common reasons behind the dark circles. As coming older means thinner skin due to decrease in fat and collagen. This makes the area below your eyes looks darker.


How to treat the dark circles ?

Dark circles treatment depends mainly on the underlying cause, however here are different ways to treat the dark circles.

First of all you have to change the wrong habits that lead to this problem. So getting enough sleep and keeping hydrated will help reducing the appearance of your dark circles. But as a treatment for this problem search for eye products containing plant stem cells to ensure the self-renewal of skin tissue and gradually reduce the signs of ageing. Special oligopeptides to fight the expression lines and special peptides to enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin under eyes. Hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturised deeply. Caffeine is also an important ingredient to look for  as it stimulates the blood circulation decreasing the dark circles look. In addition to whitening mixture to stop the excess of melanin synthesis. Eye products from Yellowrose contain these ingredients, and when using them, it is preferable to start with a serum or gel to penetrate deeply and treat the problems of the eye area, followed by an eye cream to give full hydration to the area around the eye.