LIPOSOMES PHYTO-SERUM 12ampules 3ml/ampule

33.000 KWD

Concern: Ageing

Concern: Ageing
Vendor: Yellow Rose
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Yellow Rose international company presents for customers in Kuwait the best ampules. Anti-wrinkle, firming and moisturising serum based on Liposomes with natural herbal extracts. Specially developed to prevent premature aging of the skin and loss of elasticity. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is better hydrated and less fragile.

Suitable for all skin types normal, dry, combined, oily and sensitive skin. 
How to Use

Use daily, morning & evening. Apply to clean skin and massage gently until absorbed.  Can be used alone as a 24 hour serum or before a Yellow Rose cream or mask.

Additional Information


Main ingredients

Liposomes with Vitamin A Vitamin A helps restore damaged skin and improves the condition of dry skin. It boosts the activity of the metabolic enzymes of the skin, rejuvenating it and making it look fresh and healthy. In Liposomes the permeation into the epidermis is more efficient and the effect is prolonged (Long-lasting nourishing and conditioning agent). Liposomes with Glycyrrhetinic acid Glycyrrhetinic acid is derived from Liquorice and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It also performs a soothing and smoothing action and it is used as an anti-stretch marks adjuvant. In Liposomes the permeation into the epidermis is more efficient and the effect is prolonged (Long-lasting anti-inflammatory and soothing agent). Liposomes with Vitamin E Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from aging and damaging due to free radicals. In liposomes the permeation into the epidermis is more efficient and the effect is prolonged (Long-lasting anti-oxidant). Hyaluronic acid Highly efficient moisturiser. Wheat proteins and Chitin They form a natural protective film with firming and moisturising effect. Four Germ extract (Radish, Watercress, Soybean and Alfalfa) Rejuvenates and has a smoothing and moisturising action. Silanol with Mannuronic acid Complex of organic silicium (natural constitutive element of the connective tissue) and mannuronic acid (extracted from brown algae). Highly moisturising agent with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Firms and improves elasticity. Sodium PCA (of vegetable origin) It is a natural moisturiser (present in the Natural Moisturising Factor) that restores and maintains an optimum condition of hydration in the epidermis. Acts against moisture loss and it is a long-lasting moisturiser. Wheat placenta extract Derived from wheat. Rich in enzymes and the mineral salts that lead to the stimulation of the cellular multiplication. Excellent tissue repairing and nourishing natural plant agent. Contains also Aloe Vera gel, soothing, firming and rejuvenating natural extracts (Spirulina, Centella, Cucumber and Carrot), protecting and moisturizing Ceramides and Phospholipids, b-Carotene, d-Panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5) and Allantoin.